Faiths in Eberron

Religion is important in Eberron, but not because the deities take an obvious and direct interest in the world. Rather, organized faith is important in both a spiritual and secular sense. Temples and shrines are sources of community and peace (or conspiracy and corruption) in villages and towns. In cities, high-ranking members of the clergy can weird as much power as the nobility.

The Sovereign Host

The Sovereign Host is a grow of nine deities collectively representing the entire world, but focusing on aspects of civilization – community, the protection of the weak, the slaying of wild beasts, fertility, construction, and the like. The Sovereign Host is the most widely worshipped body in Khorvaire. Nearly everyone offers prayers to the HOst as a whole and to individual deities for specific actions. For example, a farmer might whisper a prayer of thanks to Arawai when his baby is born healthy, and a blacksmith might sing the songs of Onatar when working at her forge.

The Silver Flame

Second only to the Sovereign Host in popularity and prominence, the Silver Flame espouses purity, steadfastness, charity, and, above all, the destruction of evil. As such, paladins are its most fervent worshippers, but crusaders from all walks of life look to the Flame for guidance.

The Dark Six

Complementing the Sovereign Host and its focus on the light of civilization, the Dark Six represent the darkness of the wilds. The two pantheons were once combined, but a great schism separated them. The Dark Six now oppose the Host on all fronts. Where the Sovereign Host is generally good, the Dark Six are by and large evil. Where the Sovereign Host values community and government, the Dark Six value individuality and anarchy. The Dark Six are cruel, passionate, brutal, and wild.

The Blood of Vol

The faithful of the Blood of Vol are captivated by the literal and figurative meaning of blood and of heredity, seeing blood as a source of power and divinity. They focus their energy on self-improvement, shunning higher forces. Worshipers believe in the power of what is physical and present, and focus on the affairs of day-to-day life, not on illusory otherworldly power. Blood is the divinity within, the source of life, and, if one’s faith is strong and one’s abilities mastered, the only true path to immortality.

The Path of Light

Rare in Khorvaire but prevalent among Adar’s kalashtar, the Path of LIght is equal part philosophy and religion. Its adherent don’t worship a deity, but instead recognize a universal force of positive energy they call il-Yannah, “the Great Light.” Followers of the Path of Light strive for physical and mental perfection through meditation and communion with this Great Light. Such perfection is necessary, for followers of the Path of Light expect to do battle with evil forces – especially the sinister Dreaming Dark.

The Spirits of the Past

Many elves of Aerenal, in particular the Valenar, revere their ancestors. This practice stops short of worship, but the spirits of the past represent glorious deeds and the rich history of the elven race. Even elves who follow other religions often maintain shrines to great ancestors. Elves who venerate the Spirits of the Past devote themselves to emulating patron spirits. Such elves have a martial bent – they are often rangers, fighters, or warlords. Particularly devout warriors sometimes attain the title Keeper of the Past; they are often bards or clerics.

The Undying Court

Some Aereni elves revere dead ancestors, and some revere ancestors who had deluded death’s grasp. Long ago, the elves of Aerenal discovered the secret of extending their life spans. Only the wisest members of their race received this treatment, and these deathless creatures rule the elven homeland just as they did millennia ago. The Undying Court counts all Aereni elves as its followers, as well as Valenar and Khorvairian elves and half-elves. Its priests are clerics who dress in white and black; they wear death masks or paint or tattoo their faces with stylized skull images.

The Ebon Triad

THere is very little common knowledge about the Ebon Triad. (This segment is WIP)

Faiths in Eberron

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