House Rules

Story is everything.

  • I’ll warn you right now – I am a Storyteller-style DM. That means that, in my sessions, we’re telling a story. If you’re a rules-lawyer, that’s fine; but accept the fact that story will trump rules every time. If you’re a power-gamer or a min-maxer, that’s fine, too; be ready for shorter combats and longer periods of roleplay & story than most hack & slash campaigns. If you get bored reading epic fantasy novels that are rich in description and character development, you will likely be bored in my game sessions as well. If you thrive on adventure and fantasy, you’ll be right at home.

Have fun.

  • The point of the game is to have fun, please always keep that in mind. Your behavior can affect the enjoyment of others. If your player dies, it is not the end of the world, this is a game of high magic with resurrection, raise dead, and divine intervention. The end is not always the end. If you react poorly, though, your character is much more likely to remain dead.

The Dungeon Master’s word is law.

  • It is okay to disagree with a DM’s decision. You are more than welcome to calmly make your case, preferably during breaks or between game sessions. You can include any relevant rules from the books. If you have ideas to add to the campaign, I’m eager to hear them.
  • It’s one thing to disagree with a DM decision. It’s another to challenge the DM’s authority blatantly in front of everyone. If you have an issue or a concern, discuss it with me in private; not in the middle of the session in front of everyone else.
  • Any alterations or additions to the rules that are used as house rules that come up as the campaign progresses will be added to this page.
  • Players are welcome to ask for things to be added to these house rules, homebrew or 3rd party additions, on a case-by-case basis. Items, spells, NPCs, classes, etc. are all welcome requests. These are all dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If I tell you no, there’s usually a decent reason for it, and some times I’ll allow things on a “trial basis.” There’s never any harm in asking _

Post-Game Campaign Maintenance

  • All Players are strongly encouraged to keep their character info on this site updated.
  • There will also be further volunteer tasks for the campaign that players will be able to assist with to earn extra in-game rewards.
  • After a session, players are requested to stay a few minutes instead of bolting for the door, and help with takedown/cleanup.

Character Backstories and NPCs

Because a recent attempt to start a campaign ended badly when a player refused to accept this, I’m adding this here so it is absolutely clear:

  • The game world you will be playing in already has existing NPCs, organizations, and locations. Those NPCs and organizations, even if they were derived from an existing campaign setting, belong to ME. That means just like I or other players cannot use your character for anything without your permission, you cannot re-write the backstory, personality, motivations, etc. of my NPCs without first getting my approval.
  • Players are welcome to be as creative as they want with their backstories and character development, as long as their creations are able to be fit seamlessly into what is already established in the campaign.
  • As the campaign setting is an evolving setting with homebrew alterations, there are a lot of things within the campaign world that are open to be created or modified as we play. That said, there are NPCs and areas which are definitely established. If your character background uses any of these NPCs and/or areas, you are not allowed to simply make up whatever you want involving any campaign established NPCs; your backstory must fit within what is already established, and any additions or changes to existing NPCs or areas must be first aproved of by me. However – additional new NPCs can be created by players and “donated” to expand and enhance the campaign, as long as those NPCs also fit within the established setting.
  • Players will each be given a personalized handout of all the pertinent NPCs, locations, and info their characters would have. You are welcome to use this info as part of your character’s backstories; but any changes to the NPCs, relationships, or locations must be approved by the DM. Players cannot change things about any established major NPCs without DM approval. You may not demand the DM tell you only pieces of info about NPCs or locations then let you write whatever you want about them. You will be given handouts and time before the first actual gaming session to mesh your character’s backstory into the existing world, and any pushing of the DM to give you partial info so you can make up your own stuff will be refused. Harshly.

Character Leveling

  • XP will be given after the end of a game session.
  • All changes to character sheets due to level gains etc. need to be done between game sessions.

Assisting the DM

  • Additional rewards can be negotiated from the DM by assisting with things like writing the session’s Adventure Logs, keeping track of maps, and other optional tasks. (Feel free to offer suggestions to the DM.)


  • This is a game. A character’s actions are not the same as those of a player. Your best friend may be playing a ruthless rogue character and stab you in the back. This does not mean that your friend would betray you, s/he was role-playing her/his character! Please keep events done in the game separate from real life relationships.
  • Player knowledge and character knowledge are absolutely separate things. Meta-gaming will be penalized.

Spreading the love.

  • Can you invite others to hang out and watch game night? Yes! Be sure to always tell the Dungeon Master at least a few hours BEFORE game night, as well as the session host, so we can make sure we can accommodate them properly. The DM may have plans for the group, so don’t spring a guest on him unannounced! Any guests brought without notice beforehand will not be able to stay during the game session.
  • New players to bring into the game will be also subject to DM approval; space is limited, so we won’t have a lot of room for additional players.


  • “Lingering Injuries” optional rule (DMG pp. 272)
  • Broken arm/leg – Same effect as “Limp” or “lose arm/hand,” as appropriate. Heals same as “festering wound.”

Other optional Rules we’re using:

  • Hitting Cover (DMG p. 272)
  • Cleave (DMG p. 272)
  • Action Options (DMG p. 271)
  • Morale (DMG p. 273)
  • Massive Damage (DMG p. 273)
    This list is subject to change.

This page is a WIP.
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