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Some interesting info for first time RPG players.

Origins of Alcarin
Rough draft of our realm's history, taken from a previous RP group I ran.

Our History began with a Goddess-Queen who was beyond beautiful not only in physical beauty but in heart as well. She cared for her people who came from faraway lands of the Elves, pixies, and other beasts and creatures that were hidden across oceans of deep waves. Queen Larian created a new land of lush gardens, mountainous ranges and serene valleys for her people. They flocked to her like lost children seeking their mother, and she greeted them as family. She ruled her people fairly and with honor. All who lived in Alcarin rejoiced in her presence and respected her highly.

She went forth through the realms surrounding her Kingdom, seeking kindred spirits and wayward souls who had no home of their own, offering them refuge in her realm of Alcarin. To some, she offered seats in her royal court. The young Elf Selene Eversong and her love, the newly knighted Paladin Squall. The Pixie emissary and skilled healer, Larkia, with her pocket of the Feywild. The young sorceress AmaraMoon. The mysterious young maiden, Angelic Gaze. Blue Delphina formerly High Princess of Pandora. The noble and ancient soul Tavis MacRaith. The great wizard Tar Elendimir.

3 were named her Aelfred, her High Counsil and most trusted advisors and warriors; Tar Elendimir, Blu Delphina, and Tavis MacRaith. These three aided the Queen in guiding and protecting the realm and it’s people. For a time, Alcarin knew peace.

However, the peace only lasted so long. Though they found new refuge and home in Alcarin, the wanderers pasts did not want to be left behind. Alcarin’s borders were invaded by enemies who wished its destruction, its champions drawn away by old nemeses not willing to grant peace in this new home. Squall and his love Selene were called away to the distant shores of Northrend, a realm beyond Alcarin’s borders, to face a growing evil in their past that threatened to consume several lands, including Alcarin. Tavis, as he asked the lady Angelic Gaze’s hand in marriage, fell victim to a magical attack by Ksher Peirce, the descendant of an old nemesis, and his soul was split into 3 whole beings; one of good named Athen Rahl, one of evil named Tavinalis, and Tavis, the one that was the heart of both the others.

Our Queen began to doubt her leadership, despite the unwavering faith of her people… and a betrayal of one of our own cut her deeply, nearly tearing the Kingdom apart in Civil War. Our Queen held strong, despite the enemies at our gates, and worked to guide us back into peace.

All that ended with The First Great Cataclysm.

The day of the Great Cataclysm brought sadness and loss for all the people of Alcarin. A wave of unknown magical energy erupted across the face of Alcarin, centered at the Royal Palace, and in its wake the Kingdom simply ceased to exist. Mountains, forests, seas, villages… all were erased from existence. The mighty castle of our beloved Queen and all its surroundings was destroyed, only ancient ruins remained where it once stood. The people could find no trace of our beloved Queen Larian. The lands were searched to all its reaches, and she was nowhere to be found. Alcarin’s armies and its greatest Knights searched the neighboring territories to no avail and that is where most of them are to this day, searching and scouring the lands so that our Queen may be found and brought to safety.

When all was thought to be lost, a brave Aelfred of the Queens, Lord Tavis MacRaith, did what no one else dared. He made his way to the mysts of creation where Alcarin once stood, and offering his own life essence as tribute, re-formed the realm. He took up the mantle of Steward-King with Lady AmaraMoon at his side as his Aelfred. In giving of his life essence, he became the mystical heart of our Kingdom, and took the reins of the throne until our Queen or her heir could be found. He ruled in a time of chaos, swiftly but fairly, sacrificing much to keep our beloved Kingdom alive. With him as Alcarin’s mystical heart and AmaraMoon as his only Aelfred, the lands were restored, though not quite to their former glory. Only the True Heir of the Throne could restore all that was lost, but Tavis’s sacrifice kept the Kingdom from vanishing, from even the history books. Steward-King Tavis brought the people together in a time of loss and despair and showed them that the way was not lost and the kingdom would prevail. Enemies were fought and the people grew confident under his leadership.

Tavinalis, twisted and insane with jealousy of his counterparts Tavis and Athen, plotted to kill the two and prove himself more than merely a magical accident, a shadow of Tavis, despite the warnings that the three needed each other and should one die, all three would cease to be. He formed an alliance with Ksher Peirce, and built a dark tower where he gathered an army of goblins, orks, and other file creatures of darkness.Together, he and Ksher plotted and schemed, and eventually made their move. Ksher went and began to slowly seduce young Athen, a Paladin in Training under Lord Squall, who had become Lord High Paladin and Grand Marshal of the forces of Alcarin. Together, Tavinalis and Ksher began to sow the seeds of their plot…

Then one day, just as the snow began to fall on the trees of our lands marking the passing of another year, a Prince appeared out of the woods and stepped forth in the Kingdom of Alcarin. He had left the shores of the ancestors of the Elves in another direction from his mother and sailed to adventure the world. When he lost the knowing in his heart that she was in good health, he had headed for Alcarin immediately. As the journey took time, it was many moons before he arrived at Alcarin’s shores. Prince EirEmar stepped forth as his mother’s heir and took the reins of the kingdom from the tiring Steward. With honor and respect he vowed to care for Alcarin’s people as his mother once had done.

But Eir Emar was not entirely as he seemed. Shortly after he took up the Crown, our Queen returned, but corrupted and twisted; a mirror of her former self. She brought contention and division to Alcarin, the lands growing dark and poisoned with her influence. She whispered into Eir Emar’s ear as he seduced Amara Moon, but with Tar Elendimir’s aid, the Queen was revealed as a demon of great power, who had originally created Alcarin to be a grand sacrifice in a vile ritual meant to tear all reality asunder. Together, the survivors of Alcarin banded together and banished the Queen and freed Eir Emar from her dark influence, and Tavis willingly bound himself to the heart and soul of the land, becoming the one true king of Alcarin.

The Demon Queen vanquished, Tavis and Angelic Gaze finally felt free and safe to wed… but it was not to be. Tavinalis and Ksher chose that time to spring their plans into action. Athen was tricked into a chase through the forest, but was ambushed and mortally wounded where Ksher was intended to find him and finish him off; but the young witch had fallen in love with her victim over the months and could not bring herself to follow through, instead hoping to turn him from his path and make him a Fallen Paladin. Tavis, back at the palace, was magically poisoned and bedridden. Tar Elendimir, Larkia, and Amara Moon scoured the Kingdoms libraries for a cure while Blue Delphina and Squall were sent to confront Tavinalis and demand a cure. Just as the heroes of Alcarin seemed to be oin the verge of victory, the sands in the hourglass emptied sooner than expected… Athen’s heart ceased beating as he lay in the arms of Ksher Peirce, and at that moment, Tavinalis’s and Tavis’s hearts also fell still. With the King’s death, the magics that heald Alcarin ceased, and the realm imploded, throwing it’s people outside it’s borders to neighboring lands.

Thus was The Second Great Cataclysm.

But King Tavis was not a normal soul… The death of his body was not his end. His spirit had seen over 350,000 years of time and lived numerous lives. Each new life, he remembered the lives of his past, and any natural abilities or skills he had in those lifetimes could be accessed in the new life… Until his encounter with Ksher Peirce’s ancestor, who cursed him that his memories and abilities would be sealed. When Tavis came to Alcarin, the magical nature of the land began breaking that curse, and unlocking the memories and abilities of all his past lives.

After the end of Alcarin, Tavis was again reborn, as Cael Forge. His newest childhood was spent poor, but in the service to an elven King and Queen. He became the childhood playmate of their daughter, Aruvia, also an ancient soul but not blessed with the ability to remember as Cael had. Cael’s memories did not begin to surface until his teen years, however, and as he approached manhood, his heart was split; he was drawn to return to the Mysts of Creation and once more forge Alcarin anew, but he had come to love Aruvia dearly and longed to marry her. He knew, though, that she was not ready to learn of his true nature, and he knew her father would not simply allow a penniless street urchin to marry his daughter. So he set off, afraid to even say goodbye, and travelled.

Years of searching later, he found a mountain path through the mysts to a cliff face, where the edge of ALcarin once was. Once more, he gave of his own life essence, and reforged Alcarin anew. It took months, but Alcarin lived once more. He sent out the call to his former countrymen and allies, asking them to return home to Alcarin, and took his place on the throne. Tar Elendimir returned as the Royal Wizard, Squall stood as the Grand Marshal Paladin, and Larkia once more made Alcarin her home. Several made the hard choice to not return, however. Amara Moon was to be wed to Eir Emar, and they had settled in new lands. Angelic Gaze and Blue Delphina returned to Pandora, where Blue was crowned Queen after her mother’s passing. Angelic, though she had loved Tavis, felt her path did not lay with this new King Cael, and though they still shared a deep friendship, she had let her love rest with the body of Tavis. Lady Larkia did not stay, and has left to follow her heart in the arms of a Dragon King of a neighboring realm.

Months passed and Alcarin began to settle into it’s own day to day flow. One morning, Cael felt a magic calling him back to the mountain pass. He had learned long ago to not ignore such urgings, and so set off on his own. He was glad he had, because he found Fell Shadow beasts had somehow gotten loose on the mountain paths… but they behaved more intelligently than usual, and cornered him. He was sure it was to be his end, but someone saved him; a skilled archer, a soul his heart knew all too well – Aruvia! Reunited, he was overjoyed… until he learned the fate of her home, and why she was wandering alone so far from her Kingdom. An unknown force had overrun her homeland, slaughtering all. The fate of her parents was unknown, but only she had escaped.

Aruvia was brought to Alcarin and her wounds properly tended. Cael and Squall made plans to make scouting expeditions to Aruvia’s homeland and try to determine who the nemesis was; word arrived that three other realms had been razed by the dark armies. Over the next few weeks, making small hit-and-run incursions into her lands, they finally discovered who was leading this dark army – Tavinalis. Somehow, whatever forces allowed Cael to return, apparently also brought Tavinalis back. Yet there had not yet been any sign of Athen Rahl.

Over the following months, Alcarin’s forces slowly took back Aruvia’s homelands, and rescued the surviving peoples. There was no trace of Tavinalis or Aruvia’s parents, but all presumed her parents had been slain. Alcarin mourned the loss. Aruvia was consoled by her childhood friend Cael, and he revealed the reasons why he had vanished, as well as confessed his love for her. She confessed that she returned his love, and soon their courtship began. Peace returned to the land, and one night, Cael and Aruvia quietly wed in a small and intimate ceremony.

Over a year has passed since their wedding, and Aruvia is with child; it’s mere weeks away from the child’s birth, and the whole Kingdom is excited to greet the first ever born prince or princess of Alcarin. Not all is well, however. The shadow caverns that exist in the underbelly of Alcarin stir with dark and ancient secrets; the land was formed with the essence not just of the King, but of all that had come before and had ceased to be. Tavinalis is still at large, and no one knows his plans, nor the size of his forces. The lands of Alcarin have grown vast and are not always easy to police.

It’s into this world that our stories begin…


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